About us

Our Vision

First Human Rights Foundation is registered with Central Government of India (CIN U74999PN2016NPL166151). The NGO is dedicated for human rights, justice for all, protection & promotion of human rights, upliftment of economical backward people, education, peace, national integration by communication between people. Human Rights Foundation are dedicated to spread human rights value in to every part of India. 

Our Mission

FHRF will strive to bring together all People who believe in democracy and human rights values in social, political & economical area. FHRF shall be non political, non government organization. FHRF will promote health, education, legal awareness in to society and work for structural changes to fulfil eco-social, political aspirations of all people and protection of their ethnic, religious and cultural rights. FHRF will educate people about their fundamental rights, civil liberties.

Our Story

  • Back in August 2016, a group of caring folks got together and created the First Human Rights Foundation.
  • FHRF was born because regular people wanted to help protect human rights and make our society fairer.
  • Our main job is to look out for people’s rights and help those who are struggling, especially those who don’t have much money.
  • We also want to make sure everyone gets along peacefully and that we all feel like one big family in our country.
  • We believe that everyone should know about their rights, no matter where they live in India.

What we do


We offer legal help to people who might not be able to afford it otherwise. We think everyone should have a fair chance in court.


We organize something called “Lok Adalat” where we try to solve arguments and problems in a friendly way. It’s like helping neighbors make up when they’ve had a fight.


Our efforts extend to various crucial areas, including education, healthcare, legal aid, employment opportunities, combating child labor, and promoting women’s empowerment.​

Our Approach

FHRF aims to unite individuals who share a belief in democratic principles and human rights across social, political, and economic spheres. We are an apolitical and non-governmental organization, focusing on promoting essential aspects of society such as health, education, and legal awareness. Our mission includes advocating for structural changes that address the economic, social, and political aspirations of all individuals while safeguarding their ethical, religious, and cultural rights.

FHRF is committed to educating people about their fundamental rights and civil liberties. We also work towards preserving the independence and impartiality of the judiciary, upholding freedom of the press and other media, and ensuring the right to access information.

Our ultimate goal is to foster a secular, democratic, and equitable society where people actively participate in decision-making at all levels. We believe in providing a platform where individuals can voice their concerns on various matters. By doing so, we strive to create a society that values democracy, human rights, and people’s involvement in shaping their own destinies.

Our Team

Santosh Eknath Cholke
Santosh Eknath Cholke
Maharashtra State
Kasinadhuni Vedkirthi
HRD Wing Telangana State
Bhosale Tanaji Tukaram
Public Relation Officer
Maharashtra State

National Working Committee

The national committee serves as the central body of FHRF, convening periodically to appoint the Core Working Team.

Core Working Team

The Core Group is primarily tasked with achieving the organization’s objectives and executing the directives provided by the overarching National Working Committee. Our dedicated team of volunteers spans across the entire country through our extensive network.

  • National-Level Working Team
  • State-Level Working Team
  • District-Level Working Team
  • Tahsil-Level Working Team
  • Panchayat-Level Working Team

These teams operate at various levels, ensuring that our mission and efforts have a broad reach and impact throughout the nation.