Donate & make impact

Thank you for considering a donation to the FHRF. Your contribution can make a world of difference in the lives of many humans whose rights and dignity are at stake. Together, we can build a fairer, more just world for everyone.

Save Taxes with 80G!

FHRF has the approval of the Income Tax department under section 80G. Donations above ₹500 to First Human Rights Foundation will be eligible for a 50% deduction from one’s taxable income under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. By contributing to FHRF, you will help uphold human rights and also benefit yourself with tax deductions.

You will be eligible for a 50% deduction from your total taxable income. In certain situations, there may not be a predefined maximum limit for 80G deductions, whereas in others, deductions are capped at 10% of the donor’s adjusted gross total income.

Yes, you can expect your receipts within 5 days of making the donation.

Cash donations above ₹2,000 are not applicable for 80G certificates. All online transactions are eligible for deduction, and you will get a tax receipt for same.

CSR Opportunities

Did you know that a significant number of your industry peers are actively engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives? Here are some compelling facts that showcase the impact of CSR on businesses and society:

  1. Competitive Edge: 78% of consumers favor socially responsible companies.

  2. Employee Satisfaction: CSR boosts engagement for 93% of employees.

  3. Consumer Expectations: 64% of consumers prefer socially responsible brands.

  4. Community Relations: Foster positive community ties.

  5. Brand Loyalty: Build lasting customer relationships.

Tailored CSR Programs

We work with corporates to design and implement customized CSR programs that align with your company’s values, industry, and expertise. These programs can address specific social or environmental issues that resonate with the corporate’s mission and stakeholders.


We identify and execute high-impact projects, at grassroots. We offer corporates the opportunity to support initiatives that directly benefit communities, address pressing issues, and create a visible and positive impact.